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Comprehensive and Reliable Survey Services

At Delta Survey, LLC, we prepare our clients to begin their construction projects with confidence. We do this by offering serious, competent, and responsive surveying to foster good stewardship and understanding of the earth. Our surveying services include support for all energy, transportation and civil projects.

Whatever energy support your team is needing, Delta Survey is here to help!

The Delta Survey Difference

Our team works well together, communicates openly with you and other stakeholders, and prioritizes providing you with a positive customer experience.

Here are just a few reasons why Delta Survey is a reliable choice when searching for the team to support your next energy project:

Affordable Services

Keep your project on budget by investing in a competent, responsive survey company. Our experienced crews double-check for common mistakes that cost your company more time and money once construction begins.

Efficient Processes to Save You Time

When you are working with a high volume of commitments or long-lead permitting, consider investing in expedited survey services. We work hard to deliver your certified survey exhibits quickly and accurately so you can spend your time generating revenue.


To meet all your deadlines, you need a responsive partner. When you reach out to R², you will never have to wait for a response– we are committed to answering whenever you call.

GIS Automation Engineering

Our GIS professionals and software engineers leverage programming to run calculations, verify design parameters, and mine data. We refine our processes to replace outdated methods — saving you money by reducing billable hours.

Delta Survey’s Success Metrics


Wells platted for companies in the oil and gas industry


Executed projects


Miles of pipelines surveyed


Combined years of surveying, oil, and gas experience


Public Land Survey Sections solved

Our Energy Services

I. Pipeline Routing

Our comprehensive surveys ensure your pipeline project begins on the right foot. We provide:

II. As-Built Surveying

If you have to follow agency and company regulations as you build, R² can match your collection methods to meet your information needs. We help with:

III. Well-Staking

Our field managers and top-notch GIS tools get you the information you need to stay on schedule. R² produces surveys for private, state, and federal land. We offer:

IV. Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

For remotely-sensed data, utilize our FAA-certified staff and qualified drone pilots. We provide:

V. Facility Surveying

To ensure proper planning and situational awareness in facility construction, we work with your contractor and P&ID engineering firm. We offer:

VI. Line Locating

Frequently Asked Questions

We aim for within 24 hours of receiving notice of survey permission.

Our number of crews averages around twelve. This metric may vary

Currently, Southeast New Mexico, West Texas, South Texas, East Texas and Louisiana. We have survey experience in all the major basins

Our timeline varies with the type of exhibit. We will work with you to ensure we can hit your deadlines.

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Delta Survey provides clients with comprehensive upstream, midstream, and downstream energy solutions across the country. Our team of professionals empowers your project by handling all oil, gas, and surveying support. 

Delta Survey is happy to support any upcoming energy project you may have. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help, and to learn more about the specific areas we serve. 

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